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Ball Transfer Table - A type of gravity conveyor where roller balls are mounted into a casing with only the top of the balls showing.  Numerous balls allow for easy conveyance of product.  Product can move in any direction.
Bar Code - Speed and accuracy of product identification is increased by use of this machine readable label of printed parallel lines (bars).  Bar codes are read by laser scanners.
Batch Pick - The process of grouping orders where pickers pick the same SKU for multiple orders at the same time, thereby reducing the travel time.  Finished batch will then have to be married up with other lines on order either manually or through automation.
Belt Conveyor - A power conveyor that utilizes a continuous looped belt driven around a steel pan and pulleys by a motor.  Belts can be rubber, plastic, PVC or steel.  Belt conveyors are also known as slider bed conveyor.
Belt-driven Live Roller - A power roller conveyor where a belt is driven underneath a bed of rollers causing the rollers to roll and convey packages in opposite direction of belt travel.
Bin Storage - A type of shelving where shelves have vertical dividers creating small “cubby” type openings where product needs to be segregated.
Bins - A rectangular box with or without a lid used to store products or ship goods.  Bins can be made out of cardboard, plastic or steel.
Bridge Crane - A horizontal framing structure supported by free-standing columns or suspended from building columns or roof trusses.  A girder runs perpendicular to the end structure and is dynamic and runs with end trucks.  A bridge crane is a required when product needs to be raised and lowered by a hoist or other lifting device in multiple areas underneath entire footprint.
Broken Case - A carton that is open where orders call for less than carton quantity.
Bulk Bin - A container or bin used where larger size or quantities of material need to be stored.  Bulk bins can be made out of plastic or steel.  Also known as bulk containers.
Bulk Rack - A heavy duty shelving designed for non-palletized product that is too heavy for standard industrial shelving.  Can be up to 8’ wide.
Bulk Storage - Storing pallets on the floor and stacking them on top of each other without the use of any type of storage products.
Bumpers - Protective product used on docks to keep trucks and vans from damaging dock levelers or dock itself.  Usually made out of rubber or other resilient material.  Also known as dock bumpers.
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