Increase your storage space without increasing your rent. Shelving or free-standing mezzanines increase your cubic storage capacity without increasing your square footage.

Industrial Storage offers free-standing mezzanines, custom designed for your exact application. Increase the amount of floor space within your existing building without having to rent off-site space. Although each mezzanine is “custom” designed to your specific requirements, they are not priced like custom equipment. Our team will design a system that maximizes your cube. Multiple types of flooring material and weight capacities (PSF) are available.

Adding an off-site location not only requires the extra rent, additional mobile equipment may be required, transportation costs will increase with two ship to locations, and additional unsupervised help may be required. A mezzanine can be installed in your existing building with your existing shipping and receiving functions and your current management staff. The mezzanine is also considered capital equipment so the investment can be depreciated, unlike the extra rental payments. Only a pre-fabricated mezzanine qualifies for this. If you have a contractor build you a mezzanine, it will not receive the same tax depreciation benefits.

Mezzanines can go over production or storage areas. The mezzanine can hold bulk, pallets, shelving, production equipment, record storage or whatever you need extra room for. If your intention is to install a mezzanine with shelving above and below, a shelving mezzanine may be better and it will save you money. See our shelving mezzanines.

With so many options, let Industrial Storage help you design the right mezzanine solution for your operation. Contact us

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