Double Deep Rack

Double deep pallet rack is standard selective racking where two rows of rack is considered a single row and double (back-to-back) rows consist of four rows of rack. Special mobile equipment pantographs (extends) through aisle facing bay to load pallet in rear bays.


  • You can store up to twice as many pallet positions as standard selective pallet rack in the same amount of space
  • Less expensive than most other types of rack systems


  • Requires a double reach truck to access the back pallets
  • Requires a bottom beam level on every bay of rack because of the outriggers on double reach truck
  • Honeycombing can occur where a front pallet location is occupied, but the back pallet is empty, reducing the cube utilization

Accessories to double deep pallet rack are the same as selective rack. The back locations should have wire decks or pallet supports for operating efficiency and safety putting pallets away.

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