What is material handling?
The storage, movement and security of products throughout the entire operational process. The objective is to lower all costs involved while also increasing efficiency, productivity and safety. Supply Chain and Logistics are often used interchangeably although they are not the same. See our glossary of terms for other definitions.

Do I need to obtain a permit?
Generally yes. Most material handling equipment requires obtaining a building permit. Storage equipment such as pallet rack and shelving usually require a structural permit. Conveyors and automation require electrical permits. Mezzanines and automation can also require sprinkler permits. Each municipality is different so you really need to find out your local requirements.

Is used equipment available?
Yes, used material handling equipment is generally available. Our goal is to provide the right equipment for your challenge. If the right equipment is available used, we will offer it. We will not offer the wrong equipment as a solution just because it is used.

Do you buy or trade in our existing material handling equipment?
The easy answer is yes. However, depending on the quantities, brands and condition of your existing equipment, we may or may not be able to offer you something for it. Industrial Storage offers two types of credit. We can pay you cash for it, or we can offer credit for other, more useful material handling equipment that would improve your business.

When does automation make sense for my business?
There are many types of automation. Conveyors, carousels, voice picking, AS/RS and robotics are all varying types of automation. Your business is right for automation whenever your operating costs are increasing incrementally faster than your revenues and the return on investment (ROI) is within you company requirements.

Do you offer leasing?
Yes, we offer various leasing programs to meet your specific capital requirements.

Can you business outside of the United States?
Yes, our entire equipment and service offerings are available outside of the U.S.

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